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We value your opinion so let us know what you'd like to see on next year's beer schedule! There are a couple different ways to vote:

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2015 Golden Ale Abt ALT Anniversary Strong Ale Apple Ale
(Apple Ale)
Back 40
(Wisconsin Bock)
Barley Wine
(Barley Wine)
Belgian Quad
Berliner Weisse
(Berliner Weisse)
Black Top
(Black IPA)
Black Wheat
Bohemian Lager Bourbon Barrel Bock Bourbon Barrel Kriek Bubbler
Cabin Fever
(Honey Bock)
Celtic Stout
(Irish Stout)
Champ du Blanc Cherry Stout
(Cherry Stout)
Chocolate Abbey
(Chocolate Abbey)
Coffee Stout
(Coffee Stout)
Copper Kettle Weiss
(Dunkel Weiss)
Crack'd Wheat
(Dry Hopped Hefeweizen)
(Cranberry Lambic-Style Ale)
Dan's Best Bitter
(English Bitter)
Dancing Man Wheat
(Bavarian style Hefe-Weizen)
Edel Pils
(Bohemian Pilsner)
(Sour Brown Ale)
Fat Squirrel
(Nut Brown Ale)
Golden Ale Gueuze Hometown Blonde
(Bohemian Lager)
Hop Hearty
(India Pale Ale)
(Hopped Wheat)
Iced Barley Wine IIPA
(Double IPA)
Imperial IPA Imperial Saison
Imperial Stout Imperial Weizen
(Imperial Weizen)
Laughing Fox
(Kristal Weizen)
Milk Stout
(Milk Stout)
Moon Man
(No Coast Pale Ale)
Native Ale Norski Mai Bock Old English Porter
(Brown Porter)
Organic Revolution
(Certified Organic Pale Ale)
Oud Bruin 2016
(Oud Bruin)
Pommier Sauvage Pumpkin Pie Lust
(Pumpkin Weisse)
Raspberry Tart
(Wisconsin Framboise Ale)
Road Slush
(Oatmeal Stout)
Scream IIPA
(Double IPA)
(Fruited Sour Ale)
Smoke on the Porter
(Smoked Porter)
Smoked Rye Ale Smoked Rye Bock
Snowshoe Ale
(Irish Amber Ale)
(Wisconsin Wheat Beer with Yeast)
Sour Ale Sour Brown Ale Sour Fruit
Spiced Ale
(Spiced Ale)
Spotted Cow
(Naturally Cloudy Farmhouse Ale)
Spotted Cow Grand Cru
(Grand Cru)
Staghorn Octoberfest
(Bavarian Octoberfest)
Stone Soup
(Abbey Ale)
Strawberry Rhubarb
(Wisconsin Wild Fruit Ale)
(Barley Wine)
Totally Naked
(Wisconsin Lager)
Triple Ale
(Belgian Style Triple)
Two Women
(Classic Country Lager)
Two Women Lager Uff-da
(Wisconsin Bock)
Vintage 2014 Vintage 2015 Wild Bitter
Wild Peach Wild Sour Ale
(Sour Brown Ale)
Winter Warmer
(Scotch Ale)
Wisconsin Belgian Red
(Wisconsin Cherry Ale)
(Bottle Conditioned Lager)
Zwickel Zwickel Bier
(Reinheitsgebot Lager)